The Tapes: July 26

Posted: July 26, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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This week’s links take you around the world. Probably.

* Zach Lowe on the winners and losers this NBA offseason. He was not impressed with the Lakers.

* Via David Grann’s Twitter, incredible photos of “a single tiny house shot at different times of the year.”

* Forget the NBA Dunk Contest and enjoy the theatrics at the Venice Basketball League dunk contest.

* Brittany Griner on adjusting to the WNBA. 

* Usain Bolt on why he can be trusted when it comes to doping.

* Wait, Alex Rodriguez is a slumlord too? This guy.

* I’m not on Gmail. Yahoo! baby. But friends who are have hated the new tabs on Gmail. Of course, Slate — being Slate — says the tabs are the best thing ever.

* Michael Bamberger on how Tiger Woods’ major drought can be traced to his lack of aggressiveness. In another Tiger piece, Jason Sobel on the difference between Phil Mickelson and Tiger and how their personalities lead to different results when they’re trailing in a major. Here’s my issue with Sobel’s piece: Even with this swashbuckling attitude that makes it easier for him to rally than Tiger’s oh-so serious play-it-safe persona, Phil didn’t rally after 54 holes at a major until he was…39 years old. The 2010 Masters. It did nothing for him in coming back until he was two years older than Tiger is now. So is it really a better way to attack? Damn it, Tiger, win a major.

* Jay Caspian King on Reddit and the spreading of a smear during the Boston bombings.

* Slideshow! The 25 best action movies since Die Hard.

* Turns out a former New York Jets receiver and aspiring writer wound up living in Sioux Falls and working at a grocery store after his playing days. The New York Times has the story.

* CNN believes that the HBO show The Newsroom – much mocked and much watched – matters because it expresses idealism that could be important to the future of journalism. That doesn’t mean we have to like Maggie Jordan, right?


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