If it’s Friday it’s time for some links.

* As a fan of fake oral histories about fake sports teams, I enjoyed this one on the 1989 Cleveland Indians.

* Bill Simmons on how to fix the Lakers, with the required shots at Kobe (but no 6-for-24 jokes?).

* From the great website Letters of Note, a dying man’s letter to his 3-week-old grandson.

* It was E.B. White’s birthday yesterday (well, he’s dead but still). Here’s an interview with him from the Paris Review on the art of the essay (he was alive when he gave the interview).

* Patrick Reusse: Twins should show mercy, fire Gardenhire.

* New book coming out on the JFK assassination that won’t be about conspiracy theorists but could be controversial. 

* NHL ’94 is back. 

* For the new Body Issue in ESPN the Magazine, Wright Thompson wrote about Bushwacker the bull. 

* The BBC has created a documentary about Muslim soccer players in the English Premier League.

* Esquire believes that new releases from Kanye West and Jay-Z are ushering in a big-sound era in rap. However, a couple of Grantland podcasters see one album as being superior to the other.

* Apparently, it’s time to put down that craft beer and pick up a slushy drink. So says The New York Times.

* Evidence links the Boston Strangler to a 1964 murder.

* The man behind the Dickens-Dostoevsky hoax speaks.

  1. Brock says:

    Funny you post the slushy drink bit! Chicago bars have them already and I fell in love! I want to move to Chicago just for slushy drinks! Minneapolis is behind the times it seems.

  2. Jerry says:

    Slushy drinks?? Just give me something cold with alcohol. Beggars can’t be choosers. But the oral history of the 89 Indians is awesome. Almost…almost as good as the oral history of the 1952 Hickory Huskers.

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