Come in out of the rain and read some links.

* Jessica Pressler had a really interesting story in New York Magazine about an ongoing war between cat people and bird people. (note, that’s people who love those animals, not actually a Cat Person who’s half feline, half human). Cats kill millions of birds a year and the bird people want the cats eliminated.

* Also in New York Mag, a piece on Mariano Rivera and his faith. Everyone knows him as the greatest closer of all time, but he’s ready to move on to a new stage of his life, as an evangelist.

* For you Hollywood types, David Carr with a story about the fight between gossip queens Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman, former friends now at war with each other. 

* Dave Zirin with an open letter to Dan Snyder about renaming the Washington Redskins.

* Katie Baker on the first game of the Stanley Cup, a three-overtime thriller.

* Kanye West spoke to the New York Times and here are the most ridiculous things he said. 

* In the wake of another horrific case of a child being left in a vehicle and dying — most recently in Moorhead, Minn., — it’s worth visiting Gene Weingarten’s piece in the Washington Post from a few years ago.

* Chris Jones on Pat Riley and trademark brains.

* For Deadspin, Peter Cox spent a week in South Africa with the North Korea hockey team.

* Grantland with a fun discussion about whether Game of Thrones is better as a show or a series of books.

* The podcast of the week is not a podcast, at all; it’s the return of the Jerry Seinfeld project “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Always funny stuff. Not sure which I like more: Known guests or obscure ones – Sein must think very highly of the folks in the latter category.

* Some dude in Maine has lived the hermit lifestyle for 27 years. But he’s also an alleged thief. What the what?

* Odds are that you’ve already seen this link, but if not … please, please, please read the Washington Post tale about a family trying to move on without their son, who died in a school shooting. Gut wrenching.


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