Welcome to this week’s sizzling links, each hotter than the last.

* Here’s Eli Saslow’s ESPN The Magazine story on former Minnesota State Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner.

* I sent this story to family members who are out in the sun all summer and scoff at sunscreen. It’s Sports Illustrated writer Tim Layden — one of the best in the business — writing about his battle with skin cancer and his new nose. 

* Great news for Twins fans. Carlos Gomez is now one of the best players in baseball. It’s going to kill my dad in a few years when the same article’s written about Trevor Plouffe, who will be tearing it up in Arizona.

* The New York Post with its five favorite moments from New York Rangers coach John Tortorella’s time on the bench. Commence meltdowns.

* Grantland’s latest 30 for 30 short is on Clint Malarchuk, who was nearly killed on the ice 20 years ago. 

* Movie theater owners think the studios give away too much of the plot in long trailers so want them shortened to two minutes. 

* A few days old but needs to be seen again, the epic double flop by LeBron James and David West.

* Charles Ramsey — the Good Samaritan in the horrific Cleveland kidnapping case — does not want free hamburgers. 

* From The Onion: Netflix CEO: We Made a Big Gamble on Americans wanting to sit around and mindlessly watch TV for hours but it paid off.

* Will Leitch in the Bay with Stephen Curry. Leitch is also doing a series of podcasts from the Bay as part of a tour of America. Some good listens in in the bunch.

* Drew Magary is not impressed with Bill Simmons’ theory that Memphis sports fans get nervous because Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated there.

* I did like Simmons’ piece on Dwight Howard.

* In the mood to be scared out of your mind? Then read about coronavirus, a SARS-like disease that some see as a threat to the entire world. So we’ve got that going for us.

* This week marked the 28th anniversary of a soccer disaster that killed 39 people in Belgium – the Heysel Stadium disaster. Here’s one fan’s take.

* The podcast of the week award goes to … Radiolab for its show about a pair of married journalists in Tampa and their experience having a micropremie. Sound familiar? Modern medicine is incredible.


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