Typing this on Ma and Pa Fury’s iPad. Please excuse any errors.

* Fans of the BBC’s Sherlock — and you should be watching — will enjoy this New York Magazine story on Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh, fans of the new Star Trek will also like it.

And I’ve stopped using the iPad because I can’t figure out how to highlight some text.

* Alan Sepinwall offers up an appreciation of The Office. And the famed TV critic reviews the series finale.

* Nick Saban does not enjoy being compared to Satan.

* Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams talks to some old-school NBA players about what travel was like in the past.

* For soccer fans! Like Terry. Brian Phillips on Alex Ferguson, famous coach over in England who is hanging it up.

* With a new Trade Center opening, the New York Times looks at how security around the new building will cut it off.

* The mayor of Toronto was probably caught on camera smoking crack. Oh, Canada.

* Are newspapers making a comeback? Maybe. Maybe.

* The glorious return of Arrested Development is a week away. Like TV, Will Leitch liked the show the first time around – before it was cool.


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