* Mount Union’s Larry Kehres is retiring after going 332-24-3 with 11 national titles. Not too bad. His son Vince, the longtime defensive coordinator for the team, will take over. This also means that the career victories record for John Gagliardi will almost certainly never be broken. Gagliardi won 489 but Kehres was winning 15 games a year so could have had a shot if he had stuck around.

* The Columbia football team is in the news, but not for good reasons. A defensive player is accused of a hate crime and several other players had their racist/homophobic/anti-Semitic/asinine tweets revealed. That Ivy education really paying off. The CU Lions Blog has more information.

* The Great Gatsby is opening to less-than-stellar reviews. Here’s Wesley Morris’ for Grantland. No matter how bad the reviews I’m looking forward to seeing it. Team Leo.

* Not everyone loves The Great Gatsby the book. In fact, New York Magazine’s Kathryn Schulz absolutely despises it. Is she just being contrarian or are there some good points? Or both?

* Why don’t superheroes work on television?

* Oh-oh. According to The Wrap, American Idol might dump all of its judges for next season.

* Sad newspaper news. The Daily News got rid of numerous employees this week and some of the big names in sports include Tim Smith and Sean Brennan. But the biggest name was the legendary college hoops writer Dick Weiss, whose nickname is actually Hoops.

* Short first names mean bigger paychecks. Plan accordingly.

* The horrific case of former Minnesota State Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner took another turn this week when he left the school, though it’s not known if he was fired or left on his own. Hoffner was arrested and charged with possession of child porn last year before being totally exonerated. He was innocent. No technicalities, nothing like that. Wrongfully arrested. Unfortunately he lost his coaching job and now his reassigned position at the university.

* Rolling Stone has a profile on popular rapper Macklemore and his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. It feels unusual to read about an artist trying to avoid chemical excess at the height of his powers rather than embracing it.

* From the department of nonsense, Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson recently declared TV’s town – Sioux Falls, S.D. – as the booty shaking capital of the world. Um … what?

  1. Rich Jensen says:

    Re: Gatsby.

    She has a point. Kind of. Although I wonder how much of her animus comes from being forced to read the book in High School. I have never forgiven Wuthering Heights for clotting up a hefty chunk of my senior year.

    On each reading of Gatsby, my opinion of the piece has changed, but I have never seen the book as beset by femme fatales, or its female characters as especially corrupt. The men are corrupt already; their desires corrupt already.

    In the end, I find it to be a novel of surfaces that is centered on a character who is entirely surface. It’s masterfully written.

    I don’t understand why she’s so focused on the way the wealthy acquire their wealth, as though Fitzgerald should have spent chapters on, perhaps, the poor family who invested their little all in a bank that failed, in some sprawling Dickensian novel (seriously, should the book have been as lengthy as “Little Dorrit”, with Jay Gatsby standing in for Merdle and Buchanan as Mrs. Clenham?)

    I think Fitzgerald’s awareness of and discomfort with wealth is apparent in Buchanan (ruthless) and Gatsby (dishonest). Are not these the two characteristics most often associated with the wealthy (‘robber baron’)?

    I’m not sure how the movie will do commercially. Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway is enough to convince me that the movie will be awful from an artistic standpoint. That it’s a Baz Luhrmann vehicle, written by Craig Pearce is further evidence of doom. Finally, that this is a $127M movie with a whole village of visual effects artists, seals the deal. I also can’t imagine DiCaprio managing the role well. Oh, and I’ve just discovered that Luhrman and Pearce saw fit to alter one of the greatest opening lines in English lit. Yep. It’s going to suck.

    Of course, the biggest problem with Gatsby is that there’s not even 90 minutes of movie in the novel.

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