Serenity now

Posted: May 7, 2013 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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Bill Walton must be spinning in his grave at the level of earnest overreaction that seems to be sweeping the nation. And by the nation I mean the people who yammer about sports in the media, social or otherwise.

Don’t believe me? Watch ESPN or listen to sports talk radio today – somebody is bound to bury the Miami Heat for losing Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal at home and crown the Chicago Bulls for winning that contest. Nate Robinson is sublime; LeBron James stinks; etc., etc.

Now, maybe the Heat will bow out and indeed not repeat as champs at the end of this injury-marred postseason – that would be newsworthy and a rip-able offense. But this is a best-of-7 series, and it’s only just begun.

The point is this: We seem to overreact at an alarming rate even though technology has made the world smaller – that should have made us more calm due to a greater global perspective. But it hasn’t. And that can’t be good. If the settlers had overreacted, they’d have never moved West. My oldest daughter overreacts to anything and everything because she’s 9. It’s like we’re Walton minus the satire (and the fused ankles): “That was the worst pass in the history of basketball.”

It. Drives. Me. Nuts. I nearly (nearly) took a break from Twitter the other night because I was getting so annoyed by all the panic, the Chicken Little scenarios. Here’s an idea: Take a deep breath, think and let things play out.

I blame this – and pretty much everything else – on the 24-hour news cycle. Discussing, sharing or planning as a means of making sense of things has turned to blindly speculating and/or freaking out. Why? Because it’s hard (and maybe even impossible) to fill an endless news hole with level-headed ideas and information; so people talk and talk and talk and talk until they get so far ahead of the story that they approach the edge of the cliff.

“This is the end of days.” Except it’s not. Our opinions don’t matter as much as we think they do – mine included. This post included, frankly. And … my head just exploded.

Never mind. As you were.

  1. tnmidcosn says:

    Right along with you, man. Lots of noise signifying (usually) nothing. Too many soothsayers. Oh well. PS-Keep up the good work.

  2. Pat fury says:

    Totally agree with what you said.

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