I’m going to Minnesota in two weeks. If there is snow on the ground I’m going to be upset. But Shawn, you’re saying, what about the poor Minnesotans who have had to live with this horrific winter? They get my sympathies. But they live there, it’s part of the deal. They’re used to it. I’m going there on vacation! Anyone feel bad for me? Anyone?

Okay, on to the links.

* Grantland’s Michael Weinreb looks back at the game of the century — one of them anyway — when Notre Dame and Michigan played to a tie in 1966. And take a look at Dan Jenkins’ original story in Sports Illustrated on that famous game.

* Courtesy of David Grann’s invaluable Twitter feed, “World’s Biggest Rubber Duck Debuts in Hong Kong.”

* There were cannibals in Jamestown. Please note: This Jamestown is not Terry’s lovely hometown in North Dakota (although maybe there were cannibals there too). It’s the Jamestown you grew up reading about in elementary school.

* From Aaron Gleeman, what’s the deal (Seinfeld voice) with Twins pitcher Kevin Correia?

* A League of Their Own is one of my favorite baseball movies. But what would it look like as a musical? You never wondered? Huh. New York Magazine puts together what such a show would look like. “Is That General Omar Bradley? (Marla’s Song)” — Comedic pas de deux between cloddish baseball scout Ernie and mooselike prodigy Marla.”

* First clip from the new Arrested Development episodes has been released.

* I put this link in my Q&A with Peter Richmond, but it just appeared online this week so want to highlight it here. Deadspin’s The Stacks section has put Richmond’s famous story on Tommy Lasorda and his late son online.

* From The Onion: After checking your bank account, remember to log out, close the web browser, and throw your computer into the ocean.

* Tech News Daily looks at how everyone from Gawker and Fox News to Buzzfeed would cover Tony Stark — Iron Man — if he was real.

* Crazy story about some athletic department members who came to the aid of a reporter who was having a stroke during a phone interview.

* The Portland Timbers of the MLS did one of the all-time good deeds in staging a miniature game (replete with crowd) for an 8-year-old fan with cancer. It’s a must-see video.

* In other soccer news, a couple of players did the Jason Collins thing long before Jason Collins. Their story is here.

* In other Jason Collins news, Bill Simmons captures podcast of the week honors for his sit down with the NBA free agent shortly after the world found out that he’s gay. Honestly, this might have been the first time I’d ever heard Collins interviewed in his college or pro career.


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