Welcome back to the first links of April, always a special occasion.

* Roger Ebert died Thursday at the age of 70. Damn it. Here’s the Sun-Times’ obit. And revisit Chris Jones’s classic piece from a few years ago.

* A  lot of controversy over this piece by a young woman in the Wall Street Journal. A letter to all the colleges that rejected her. Is it satire? Doesn’t seem like it.

* James Dolan has a hot team in the Knicks but remains something of a caricature. He played the don’t you know who I am card with a security guard, then canned the hapless worker (he let her come back).

* Jay Leno is officially leaving The Tonight Show next year and Jimmy Fallon is officially taking over from him, and David Letterman is confused about it. And from NY Mag, Letterman is the late night winner.

* Arrested Development’s return date? May 26, on Netflix. All 15 episodes.

* Slate investigates word aversion, or why people hate certain words. Words like moist.

* Selena Roberts on Auburn’s possibly tainted title from 2010. Not Auburn!

* Grantland’s Jay Caspian King on the end of Don King’s career.

* So the Lakers retired Shaq’s number. Well-deserved. It was a fairly entertaining ceremony, especially when fans chanted “We Want Phil.” Unfortunately, Shaq’s jersey is hanging the wrong way.

* Drew Magary got fake kidnapped for a story for GQ.

* Michael Rand with five things about new Gophers coach Richard Pitino. And Patrick Reusse on young Richie.

* And now more Auburn news – conflicting Auburn news. Some players are saying the Roberts report is bunk.

* The podcast of the week is back. (Hooray?) This time, the thoughtful and/or outlandish Jason Whitlock digs into the old Brett Favre illicit-texts matter by bringing Jenn Sterger on his show. The results are … well … er … um … inconclusive. I considered shutting it off several times, but did end up listening to the whole thing.


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