The Tapes: March 29

Posted: March 29, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Welcome to this week’s links, which include an in-depth examination of the last play in the Timberwolves-Lakers game as we try and determine if Kobe fouled Rubio. No, no, he fouled him. Onward:

* This crazy Buzz Bissinger story got a lot of…buzz this week as the Friday Night Lights author detailed his shopping addiction and out-of-control sex life. Since then, Bissinger has reportedly entered rehab.

* Chris Jones with a great profile of Hugh Hefner for Esquire.

* Game of Thrones returns this week. New York Mag gives us the Game of Thrones death generator, where you choose how you’d like to die in Westeros.

* The Simpsons is famous for its amazing original songs — years ago I bought a CD that had about 20 of them on it. And here the show’s writers pick their favorites. Feels like Stonecutters should be higher than 7.

* Adrian Wojnarowski on the end of the Heat’s winning streak and LeBron’s unhappiness with the Bulls’ physical play.

* Louie Anderson is still hurting after a diving mishap for the show Splash. Huh.

* Five perfectly logical explanations for Justin Bieber going through airport security shirtless.

* CNN and Esquire are fighting about who killed Osama bin Laden. Really. Esquire published a story with the shooter. CNN debunked that story. Then Esquire pointed out that a few months ago CNN reported something contrary to the network’s most recent story. Media fight!


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