The Tapes: March 15

Posted: March 15, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Hi. This week’s links. The happiest link is Kailey Vandrovec’s CaringBridge journal. Kailey is finally back home with Terry, Jess and her siblings. I’m sure the Vandrovec house is again a bit chaotic. But it’s finally a full house and I’m sure they all couldn’t be happier.

* Grantland is running another bracket and I remain a sucker for these things. This one’s about the most hated players in the NCAA tourney. Christian Laettner seems like the overwhelming favorite — he tweeted as much — but there are so many to choose from. Charlie Pierce wrote a bit about Danny Ainge and that horrible face of his.

* Just going to let the headline do the talking on this one: Fox Station Apologizes For Focus on Breasts in Women’s Day Story.

* A lady in Maryland got a ticket for going 63 in a 65 mph speed limit. Seems outrageous, but I’ve also read people saying she deserved it for going slow but staying in the left lane.

* A long story for the week. From David Remnick, who’s not just a great editor. Here he writes about the Russian ballet director who had acid thrown in his face a few months ago. I know — ballet! But if you have time it’s worth it as it’s an insane story about insane ballet people.

* New York Magazine compiles a list of everything Carrie Bradshaw wondered about on Sex and the City. It’s long.

* From The Onion: Pope Francis resigns.

* I could watch that Rubio double behind-the-back move all day. In fact I did that on Wednesday.

* Slate demands an end to email signoffs.

* The Bucks’ Larry Sanders got tossed on Wednesday and as he walked off he saluted all three refs with a delightful thumbs-up gesture. Hey, now.


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