The Tapes: March 1

Posted: March 1, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Wow, March? Really? Okay.

* March is certainly the month when we’ll hear more than ever about geniuses like Coach K and Tom Izzo. Brian Phillips takes a look at the cult of college coaches, for Grantland.

* Also in Grantland, Wesley Morris takes the Warriors to task for their sleeved uniforms, which just aren’t very appealing.

* A proposed statue for Len Bias at his old school has been knocked down. Not totally surprising, I suppose.

* Patrick Reusse is headed to spring training again and chronicles some of his other trips to Florida.

* New York Magazine with a crazy story about Cecilia Chang, who was behind a massive fraud case in her role as  fundraiser for St. John’s University. Yes, this is the St. John’s in New York City, not Collegeville.

* My good friend John Rosengren has a big new book coming out that’s getting good buzz. Hero of Heroes is a biography of baseball legend Hank Greenberg. Here’s a MinnPost piece on John and the book, which will be available on Tuesday, March 5.


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