Kailey Vandrovec update

Posted: February 28, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized

Quick update on 2-year-old Kailey Vandrovec.

Kailey remains intubated at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis and you can continue to receive updates from Terry and Jess on her CaringBridge website.


Kailey has improved the past few days and there’s (extremely) guarded optimism, but she remains a very sick little girl. Please keep Kailey, Terry, Jess, big sister Mya and tiny twins Ty and Taylor in your thoughts and prayers. Please read my post from last week for more information on Kailey.

There is also a fund set up for Kailey’s expenses, available here.

Obviously the whole TVFury staff misses our co-owner tremendously, but as friends, family and strangers have followed the Vandrovecs on this terribly difficult journey, they’ve discovered something we’ve known for more than a decade: Terry and Jess are remarkable people and incredibly strong. So’s Kailey.


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