The Tapes: Feb. 15

Posted: February 15, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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TV and Fury are both back in America as we again shut down our Cape Town bureau, at least for the rest of the year. On to this week’s links.

* Grantland’s running a tournament to determine the “worst Academy Award moment in modern history.”

* Phil Bronstein on the man who supposedly fired the fatal shot that killed Osama bin Laden. It’s a fascinating piece, which ran in Esquire, but some controversy has also popped up over the story. Slate examines one of the issues.

* I really enjoyed this story in The Classical by Nick Bond about “The 7 Stages of Grief at Bleacher Report University.

* Sports Illustrated’s John Garrity with a piece about CBS golf commentator David Feherty and his battles with depression and other afflictions.

* Golfer is bitten by Black Widow spider, keeps playing. Okay.

* Will Ferrell served as an usher at a Lakers game and tossed out Shaquille O’Neal.

* The Oscar Pistorius story has gone from pure and inspiring to dark and disturbing, falling in line with so many others of late. The New York Times weighs in on the double-amputee Olympian now suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

* The Wall Street Journal has uncovered information that calls into questioning the reporting of Truman Capote for “In Cold Blood.” Add that book the list of those I haven’t read. I did recently check out a book from a library, but have yet to crack the cover and the renewal date has passed.


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