Greetings from sunny South Africa. I have no idea what day it is but our links run each Friday so I know that will stay the same. The trip here nearly ended in Johannesburg, where I got sick in not one but two airport bathrooms. But, I soldiered on, sneaked in some rest and made the connecting flight to Cape Town, where my senses and health have returned, even if my sense of time has not.

* Wait, New York could get 38 inches of snow? Or nothing? Boy, sorry I’m missing that. Hold on, have to check what time we’re leaving Friday for the beach where my brother-in-law is getting married.

* Wait, a mom won’t sign a kid’s letter of intent to Arkansas? 

* I’m stealing Terry’s thunder here, but here’s a podcast between Bill Simmons and the always enjoyable Chuck Klosterman. Find another Podcast of the Week, Terry!

* Deadspin ranks the 47 Super Bowls by watchability.

* TV here. A basketball player on my beat – South Dakota State point guard Nate Wolters – made big news Thursday night by scoring 53 points, the most by an NCAA Division I player in a non-OT game in four years. I taped a podcast with the team’s play-by-play voice afterward.

* Apparently, basketball fans needs to get to know Zach Lowe. Former Fury Files guest Will Leitch helps you do that.

* Big news in soccer/football/footie this week as Fox acknowledged that it will groom beloved screamer Gus Johnson to call the 2018 World Cup. We can already hear the results … “I’m Lionel Messi and I get buckets!”


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