The Tapes: Feb. 1

Posted: February 1, 2013 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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Next week at this time I’ll likely be at a hotel on a beach near Cape Town getting ready for my brother-in-law’s wedding. And I’ll be half a world away from the wretchedness that is the Los Angeles Lakers. Oh what a time that will be. This week’s links:

* The new issue of Vanity Fair is its annual Hollywood issue and included an oral history of Pulp Fiction. The whole thing’s not online — buy a paper magazine, people! — but here’s a preview. Daniel Day-Lewis wanted to play Vincent Vega. Would have been interesting.

* Chuck Klosterman had a superb story on Houston Rockets forward Royce White, who has actually yet to play a game at forward for those Houston Rockets. It’s a fascinating piece as Klosterman digs into White’s mental illness and is alternately sympathetic but challenging.

* Applications for law schools have plummeted. I still have the occasional daydream that I go to law school and become a Grisham-charateresque do-gooder who rights wrongs and battles the system, all while sporting a Southern accent.

* Chinese hackers attacked the New York Times and broke into the paper’s computers, stealing everyone’s password while taking a gander at emails related to an investigation into the family of China’s prime minister. Pretty crazy story.

* With 30 Rock ending, New York Magazine lists its 10-best episodes ever.

* Smithsonian Magazine has a piece on a Russian family that Soviet geologists discovered in 1978 in Siberia. They had been completely cut off from the world. Forget those stories of people not realizing World War II had ended — this family didn’t even know World War II happened!

* Turns out that Novak Djokovic is a joker no more. Sports Illustrated chronicles his new mindset.

* Has the talent level and quality of play really dipped in college basketball as we’ve all been lead to believe? A blogger takes a closer look.


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