TV and Fury dissect the BCS title game

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One of the favorite traditions at TVFury — perhaps second to the Secret Santa event we run for guest writers and commenters — is when we both write about a big event in an unoriginal, but easy-to-understand alternating format. So Monday night we went back and forth about the big BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

The game featured the top two teams in the nation and perhaps the two greatest programs in college football history. A lot of hype went into this game. So.

I’m typing this with 12 minutes left in the third quarter. If things change dramatically I’ll erase this and no one will ever know it was here. I think it’s safe. Right now, Alabama leads 28-0 and it isn’t that close. I admit, I thought Notre Dame had a good chance of winning. And I think if they played 10 times the Irish could win a few of them. I don’t buy into SEC total dominance (see Florida vs. Louisville). I don’t buy into Alabama’s invincibility (They did lose a game, after all). But the Irish would need a lot to go right and tonight nothing did, starting with the two questionable calls that started the game — the juggling noncatch for the Irish on the sidelines and the strange interference call on the Alabama fumble. If Notre Dame gets that call, they have the ball deep in Alabama territory in a 7-0 game. And…probably get a field goal and it’s 28-3 as I type this instead of 28-0. Notre Dame couldn’t run, pass or tackle. Even their prayers had a bad night.

You know the game was over early when social media turned most of its attention in the second quarter to Brent Musburger’s awkward lusting after A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend.

He’s still a fun guy to have on the big games, in that it feels like a big game when you hear him calling it. But things are getting awkward. The girl could have been his granddaughter. Also, his habit of over-enunciating when a word ends in a vowel is getting more and more out of control. “The big fell-ah.” “Alabam-ah.” “Tuscaloos-ah.” I’d say he’s becoming a caricature but he’s always been something of one. Oh, wait, Alabama just scored again.

There’s no doubt that the first Musburger mention of poor Ms. Webb was the moment of the night. In fact, I had to hit rewind to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I was prepared for Musburger to make a bunch of random Honey Badger references, but admit to being completely thrown when he got all, well, pervy. It was like he completely forgot he was speaking on national TV. And that wasn’t long after he called an official’s ruling horrendous only to backpedal immediately when an officiating expert said it was the correct call. Dude is a legend, but he’s clearly losing it. All joking aside, that’s sad. Same thing happened to Pat Summerall late in his career. It reminds us all of our mortality.

As for the lopsided game, the 10-year-old version of me is totally bummed out. Yes, I was a Notre Dame fan as a kid in part due to my Irish heritage. (My late grandma was 100 percent.) Watched every game during the Tim Brown, Rocket Ismail, Tony Rice era, and very much wanted to attend the school. While I gave up on the squad somewhere during an extended run of irrelevance, it was sort of fun to watch the Irish get good again, especially with a defensive player from Hawaii leading the way. I’m even in favor of the extra shiny gold helmets.

But this was an incredible beatdown. There were times this season when Alabama appeared to be lacking on offense. And there were college football experts who claimed Notre Dame was succeeding because it had an SEC-style defense. Gigantic holes were shot through both of those theories Monday night. The SEC is on another planet in terms of quality.

The Big Uglies. Another phrase Musburger has said 78 times tonight. Let’s hope as he gets punch drunk that he doesn’t combine that phrase when talking about McCarron’s girlfriend. Not only would it be gross, it’d be confusing.

I was pulling for Notre Dame, simply because I am tired of the SEC. We get it, you’re better than everyone else in college football. It doesn’t mean your best teams could beat anyone in the NFL, a laughable argument we again had to hear early this year when Alabama was steamrolling people. I think Notre Dame deserved to be there, even if they did look fairly terrible against Pittsburgh and in some other games. They went unbeaten. That gets you in. Wish Oregon had gotten in for the one-win teams, just to enrage the South again.

Obviously it seems Oregon would have given Alabama a better game than the Irish did, and how fun would it have been watching that Ducks offense against the ‘Bama defense? In fact, this would have been an amazing year for a four-team playoff. Alas.

It is unfortunate for college football that two straight years the title game has ended in absolutely terrible fashion — last year we could blame LSU’s seventh-grade offense, this year I guess we just have to blame Alabama’s greatness.

Terry, who would you have wanted to see in the title game instead of the Irish? Ducks? Stanford? A&M and Johnny Football?

Given the result, I’d probably have rather watched Oregon face Alabama. Why? Because I’m not a fan of two teams from the same league meeting for the title (even if I can’t logically defend that stance) and because the Ducks are fantastic to watch. They’re not as big or strong as the Crimson Tide, but they have phenomenal speed and play with a unique pace. Plus, they’ve just got so much swag from the uniforms to the coach (so glad he’s not going to the Cleveland Browns) to the tempo.

But the problem is that Notre Dame was the undefeated team not the one-loss team – no real way to keep them out of the title tilt. Of course, nobody really wanted to keep them out before the game. This really could have been a classic championship game between two of the most storied programs in college football history. Instead it was a rout that might be most remembered as a showcase for the comely Miss Alabama.

Oh, well – there’s always next year since the Mayans turned out to be pretty crummy at predictions. On that note, what’s the format next year? Does the four-team system start? What leagues are involved and what teams are in those leagues? That’s why ‘Bama/Notre Dame seemed perfect – no real knowledge necessary, two blue bloods duking it out. Except one either no-showed or simply didn’t belong on that stage.

Same old format next year, then it changes for the 2014 regular season. The chances we see Alabama there again next year? About 98 percent. Unless Saban leaves, even though Musburger assured us that would never happen. Not with $5 million! Because: a. college football coaches never leave. b. Nick Saban never leaves a job. Okay, Brent. Speaking of Saban, could the guy at least pretend to be enjoying the moment? I know he’s something of a Belichick disciple, but even the Patriots legend occasionally cracks some sarcastic jokes now and then. The serial killer personality draws in recruits, but doesn’t do much for me on TV.

Actually, the team I might have enjoyed seeing this year? Ohio State. Good team, but maybe more importantly, a guy who knows how to beat Saban: Urban Meyer. An SEC guy, of course, now living in Big Ten land. We know he can scheme against the best in the SEC, although we don’t yet know if he’s brought the athletes in to match the south’s finest. Perhaps next year we’ll find out.

Unless the Gophers get there, of course.

  1. Mark says:

    Love the point about how Saban doesn’t even seem to enjoy winning.

    I think this is why I don’t care for Alabama. He’s a great coach, and he’s built a phenomenal program in a very short time.

    But for Pete’s sake…You could look happy about it for more than the 10 seconds you hold the trophy.

    and… I missed out on the secret Santa thing… greatly disappointed.

  2. Jerry says:

    Maybe Brent was having flashbacks to when he got his DUI after a game. Was that at Missouri like the ex Iowa State coach?? Oops. But he has always been over the top. In the 70’s when he was doing the NBA play by play he had a nickname for everyone. Gus Williams was ‘the wizard’ and Bill Walton was ‘the mountain man.’ But Bill told Brent he didn’t like that so he stopped. And Ms Webb has probably had worse people making comments about her…like Donald Trump.

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