Pretty hectic week for everyone at TVFury. I had to get up at 7:30 one morning while Terry welcomed twins into the world. Pretty similar, right? On to the links:

* Puckheads, especially Minnesota puckheads, will enjoy Katie Baker’s trip to the state. The Grantland writer finds that hockey is still alive in some places.

* Boxing legend — he was a legend, right? I don’t think that’s hyperbole — Hector Camacho was killed in Puerto Rico and this week his wake descended into a bit of chaos when girlfriends (plural) clashed with sisters.

* Maybe this is inside baseball but an interesting discussion. Michael Wilbon said that there’s not as much good sports writing in the world today. On, many disagree (I think he’s wrong too).

* I like watching Paul Pierce flail on the basketball court. It keeps happening.

* No, you’re not getting out of here without a Gagliardi link. Here’s one of his old players — and by that I mean the guy is now 80! — talking about his former coach. The former player himself became something of a legend.

* Belly putters are going away and it’s proving controversial. Sports Illustrated’s Gary Van Sickle is not a fan of the ruling.

* A nice piece on what it’s like playing against Ricky Rubio.

* The New York Times had a piece last week (yes, last week – I’ve been busy; sue me) about teenage boys becoming more interested in getting yoked and willing to take risks to get there. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dabble in supplements during college, and that my desire to continue on that path dwindled after meeting the future Mrs. V.

* And, finally, the podcast of the week: Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend. She’s probably not, of course. But that’s the name and the gist of the show hosted by Rosen, best known as the news girl on the Adam Carolla Show. This pod is, well, different than most in my rotation for several reasons – primarily that it has a tendency to feel like a therapy session. But I think that’s what I like about it – it’s not just jokes or sports or commentary or opinion.


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