Happy Day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable with family squabbles kept to a minimum. As this intro was typed, the Patriots just scored another touchdown. On to some links:

* What, you think we’re done with St. John’s links? Here’s Patrick Reusse’s column, the day after John Gagliardi’s retirement. In the St. Paul paper, longtime columnist Bob Sansevere, who talks to Gagliardi a few times a year, spoke to him on the day he left. And Sid Hartman talked to Mike Grant about the possibility of replacing Gagliardi.

* Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams with a really interesting piece on Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph.

* Back to Reusse. Here’s his Turkey of the Year column.

* Here’s a Smithsonian magazine piece on a man who has 3,300 patents to his name. Quite the inventor.

* Remember when we did a podcast about the whole Jack-Taylor-scores-138-points situation? Well, Deadspin did an excellent job of unearthing some uncomfortable truths about the matter. Turns out we weren’t all that far off in wondering if Taylor ever crossed halfcourt.

* This week’s podcast of the week: Mohr Stories, as in former Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Mohr. On the surface, this is your run of the mill comedian-driven interview show. And I’m fine with that. It’s entertaining enough, and the fact that it’s easy to forget about a guy like Mohr indicates how deep the talent pool is in comedy. But what got me to tune in for the first time was a couple of guest spots Mohr did on other people’s podcasts. Turns out he’s married to actress Nikki Cox, has given up general debauchery and is devoted to an almost Doug Christie level – not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just … unexpected.

* So, um, Les Miles really knows how to take the monotony out of the opening comment bit at a postgame press conference.


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