On Wednesday afternoon New York City got hit with its first snowfall of the winter. I drove home with a co-worker who lives in our neighborhood. Before getting in the car, the 37-year-old told me she hadn’t driven in snow since college. I told her she had to get us home safely, for our Friday links on TVFury must live on. She did.

* Former Fury Files guest Chris Jones wrote an intriguing piece about the New York City marathon and why Bloomberg should not have canceled it.

* ESPN’s Jeff MacGregor writes about his experience in the wake of Sandy, and how sports – its myths and traditions – played a role as he lived in the dark.

* There’s a chance Saturday could be the final game for St. John’s coach John Gagliardi. St. Paul Pioneer Press writer Bob Sansevere – who has interviewed Gagliardi countless times – chats with the legend once again.

* I admit I’m a Denzel Washington fanboy. And I just saw Flight and loved it. Here are a couple of Denzel pieces from Grantland. This one is an essay. And here’s a really fun interview with the actor.

* Cool story on how Truman Capote went about profiling Marlon Brando for a famous New Yorker story in 1957.

* From the journalists-on-journalists files, it turns out that genius political predictor Nate Silver got his start in sports. Conversely, the profession tends to attracts psychopaths, according to the Business Insider. And here I just thought we were free-food mooches.

* The podcast of the week: The Basketball Jones. Why? Because I will never – never – stop loving the sound of hoops being broken down by men with Canadian accents. To be clear, they know their stuff and are often entertaining. But there’s no question that I listen longer than I otherwise might just on the off chance that something delightfully Canadian will happen, that one of the regular panel members will drop an “aboot” or dig way too deep into the Toronto Raptors. It’s the good kind of strange, the exact opposite of listening to Americans announce soccer.

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