Welcome to the latest edition of The Tapes. Crazy week at TVFury. We welcomed the NBA, watched the Lakers go 0-2, survived Hurricane Sandy and set a single-day views record on Thursday as my post from last month on the Janesville doll in the window found an audience in Minnesota.

This week’s links:

So far at least there’s no evidence that an army of rats will take over New York in the wake of the hurricane, a genuine fear. What happened to them? Drowned? Hiding? Who knows?

For book and history geeks, an interesting story about a Winston Churchill biography. William Manchester wrote the first two volumes but died before the third was finished. Another writer finished the task but there’s a lot of controversy as it nears publication.

* Chris Ballard’s story from SI a few weeks ago is now online. Another classic Ballard piece, this time on a high school team dealing with terrible tragedy.

* The U.S. military is training for the zombie apocalypse. Not from the Onion.

* From the Onion, a host of laughs during a tough week: Mood in Car Takes Grim Turn After Dad Misses Exit (note, this does not remind me of my dad at all. At all. Not in the least…). Lone Doofus Has Been Waiting 36 Hours For Next C Train. Misinformed Man Riding Out Storm in Bathtub Filled With Batteries.

* My favorite probably-made-up-letter in Dear Prudence this week: My girlfriend dumped me because I’m too good-looking.

* We have no way to confirm if this story about Ethiopian kids opening a box of tablets, teaching themselves how to use them and hacking into the Android system are true. But we sure hope it is.

* And, finally, the award for podcast of the week goes to … the Dave Dameshek Football Program. Frankly, I’d never heard of Dameshek until he started making regular, sports-related appearances on the Adam Carolla Show. But he was impressive enough in that role for me to seek out his solo work, primarily through the NFL Network. The 42-year-old seems like a throwback, a Pittsburgh Steelers buff who declines to swear on air for the sake of his mother and uses old timey phrases like “fella” a lot in the course of interviews with various NFL players and reporters. Even his laugh seems to be from a simpler time.


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