Welcome to this week’s hottest links, which are hot off the grill.

* Could be some interesting weather in a few days on the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy could combine with a winter storm for something that would be similar to The Perfect Storm that hit in 1991, which you remember from the movie. No matter what happens, we know one thing: Unless it wipes out the entire Eastern Seaboard, people will accuse East Coasters of overreacting and don’t you people know how to deal with real weather, like battle-hardened Minnesotans and hurricane-weary Floridians? That’ll be fun.

* The TV critic for New York Magazine wonders: What’s the scariest episode of Twilight Zone? He goes with The Masks.

* The Star Tribune’s Patrick Reusse writes about the Aho family of Cokato, which consists of 15 kids, 12 of them boys. And for 24 straight years, an Aho boy has been on the football team.

* Gene Auriemma thinks the rims should be lowered in women’s basketball. Good idea? Bad idea? Bad idea says ESPN’s Kate Fagan.

* Great. New York City food trucks are seen as a terrorist threat.

* In brain-related news, a scientific study conducted in the UK revealed that exercising late in life can prevent brain shrinkage. Also, a demented cop in New York City allegedly planned to torture, kill and eat – brains and all, perhaps? – at least 100 women from all over the world. Disturbing doesn’t being to describe it.

* This week’s podcast of the week: The Joe Rogan Podcast. Yes, he used to host Fear Factor. And, yes, he sounds stoned when he laughs – that’s because he probably is. Nonetheless, he casts some decent pod, sometimes funny and sometimes enlightening. A recent episode falls into the latter category thanks to an appearance by Victor Conte, the former director of performance-enhancing drugs pioneer BALCO. Given his checkered past, it’s hard to know how much stock to put in what Conte says – and he divulges a lot. But at the very least, he offers an inside look at how cheating works and how prevalent it remains today.

  1. Jerry says:

    Maybe Geno is losing it the way Summitt has. Or maybe he thinks it would give him yet another advantage when it comes to recruiting. As if he has trouble recruiting the way it is. What’s next for him…the women’s have to wear uniforms with sleeves?? Jerk…

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