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Posted: October 23, 2012 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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TVFury has finally made it.

After 16 months and some 350 posts, we made our debut Friday on the home page. “Freshly pressed,” they call it, meaning that somebody, somewhere in the InterTubes thought that our piece about Full House was interesting enough to advertise to the masses. We even got a shiny new widget. (Look left.) Unfortunately, the extra play did not net job offers, money handshakes, swag or discounted airfare. But it did create new fodder for this space.

TVFury netted 881 visitors Friday, an all-time high by at least 100. Another 287 stopped by Saturday, certainly a residual effect as we don’t post new material on weekends. While plenty meager, that’s a considerable jump in traffic considering our lifetime average is closer to 120 hits a day. That was to be expected. After all, WordPress is a big place and their endorsement – however accidental – carries weight.

TVFury saw a nice uptick in traffic after getting Freshly Pressed.

But there were some surprises, starting with the subject matter.

We’ve made a concerted effort from Day 1 to put thought and elbow-grease into this project. Why? Because it’s fun, good practice and helpful in networking. We’ve tried to be timely and touch on topics and/or events that appeal to the masses. Of note, TV wrote about what it was like to cover a mid-major team at the NCAA basketball tournament; Fury chronicled Kevin Durant taking over the NYC street ball scene and the Raul Ibanez game at Yankees Stadium. We’ve taken you inside the minds of some incredible writers through the Fury Files Q and A series. And we’ve gotten all emotional, delving into the experience of losing loved ones.

Yet Full House put us on the WordPress map. Full. House. It was practically a throw-away piece, something that wasn’t especially good and was filed on a whim in the middle of the week. We plan out plenty of posts, but not that one. And it wasn’t about sports or writing, arguably our two most touched-upon topics.

As a result, it attracted a difference audience – women, mostly. To be more specific, earnest women. A majority of the comments reflected an appreciation for the wholesome nostalgia of the one-time ABC sitcom. One reader noted that she quit watching the show upon finding out that star Bob Saget was a vulgar comic in real life; another asked for more episode recaps going forward. Recaps of a show that went off the air in 1995? I guess that’s the beauty of being a part of a massive blogging community – there’s no telling how people will find you or what they’re into.

In fact, I’ve started to feel semi guilty about the situation – a vast majority of our new readers are going to be disappointed when they realize that we’re not who we think they are. It’s akin to a band becoming famous for a song that in no way represents the rest of their catalog. And given that we’re not exactly tearing up the UltraNets in terms of traffic, maybe this is the right time to make a sharp turn. We could specialize in the analysis of primetime family sitcoms from the 1980s and ’90s. There would be “Where are they now?” segments and best-of clips and – of course – episode recaps. It might even lead to the creation of a cottage industry – like ComicCon for TV shows of this ilk.

Or we’ll keep doing what we’re doing. Some of the newcomers will like it enough to keep stopping by. Most of them won’t. No hard feelings. We’ll always have Full House.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I subscribed to your blog beacuse of your post on Freshly Pressed, and, you’re now on my blogroll!!!!!!!!!

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