Welcome to this week’s edition of The Tapes. There’s a chill in the air. Or it’s 75 degrees out where you are. Either way, it’s 12 days until Halloween. Be prepared. On to the links.

* Newsweek announced it will stop its print edition by the end of the year. It’s a shock in some ways but not surprising in many other ways. The magazine has been struggling for a long time. It will continue as a digital-only production. Here’s David Carr. Conversely, TVFury will become a print-only edition starting next month. Sign up for our newsletter or fax.

* TV geeks might enjoy this ongoing thread on sportsjournalists.com. The best single episode in TV history. One from The Sopranos? The Wire? Seinfeld? Mary Tyler Moore?

* I didn’t agree with parts of this Rafe Bartholomew Grantland story, but it was really interesting. Bartholomew was a childhood teammate of Smush Parker, who has been in the news recently because Kobe Bryant has taken lots of verbal shots at him, even though the two last played together six years ago.

* Dan Wetzel on John Calipari’s dream of having a 40-0 season.

* Wetzel again, this time on why it was wrong for Nike to ditch Lance Armstrong at this time.

* Grantland’s Zach Lowe looks at what Kevin Love’s injury will mean for the Timberwolves. Man, wish they hadn’t gotten rid of Darko now.

* Pretty informative (if not exactly literary) piece from Taxi breaking down Twitter stats. Among the findings: The average user is female, American, has an iPhone and boasts 208 followers. I feel like we should be able to use this information for good, but I’m not sure how.

* In other tech news, the BlackBerry is officially uncool. Frankly, I think we’ve known that for a couple years, but The New York Times makes it official. Still, I wish the iPhone handled email as well.

* And, finally, the prestigious podcast of the week award goes to … the CBSSports.com College Basketball Podcast. I checked it out for the first time the other day and came away impressed on several fronts: There are multiple personalities and therefore multiple viewpoints; those viewpoints come from folks who are certified hoops junkies (the kind that watch practices and follow the summer circuit); and there’s a general easiness. The humor seems genuine yet present and I didn’t sense anybody trying to do anything flashy in an attempt to create buzz. Seems like it might be worth adding to the rotation now that the hoops season is upon us. Check it out here.

  1. Chels says:

    agree about the blackberry, that been out of date so long ago lol

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