The Tapes: Oct. 5

Posted: October 5, 2012 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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It got relatively cold and windy in Dakota Territory in the last 48 hours – some miserable souls even got snow. That’s so wrong on so many levels. Still, I tried to find some positives in the changing of the season. The task took almost 12 hours, but I came up with two: It’s kind of nice to wear long sleeves to the gym once in a while (and, yes, I spent far too much time considering gym attire) and the steam room and/or sauna feels better when the weather is cold.

That should keep me going for about two days. And, now, The Tapes:

* Wright Thompson is part of the growing list of sports writers that I’ve become more familiar with via Twitter. His 140-character comments can be confusing, somewhere between obscure and deep, but in a way that creates an allure. In my opinion, the ability to attack Twitter with a unique rhythm is one indication of talent. (I’m talking to you, Bruce Arthur, Chris Jones, etc.) Turns out Thompson can write in longer form, too, like this piece on the weird relationship between soccer star Lionel Messi and his hometown.
Also, the layout is really cool and continues an attempt by ESPN to integrate the best elements of Web presentation (multimedia) with a traditional print feel.

* The latest podcast of the week comes to us from longtime sports writer and provocateur Jason Whitlock. The guy just might have found his calling in this format. That is, on paper, he can be over the top or totally off base – he can be dead on, too, of course – and there’s no one there to challenge him. But in the podcast, he’s sort of forced to A) interact and B) be polite. This week, for example, Whitlock welcomes guest Jim Gray, another semi-controversial sports media member. There are awkward moments because neither of them are known to shy away from the tough question yet they treat each other with respect, and Whitlock leaves room for Gray to show a sort of introspective side that we rarely see.
Plus, the podcast has its own theme song: A rap piece written specifically for Whitlock by a Kansas City artist. Color me jealous.

* ESPN’s Seth Wickerham wrote a cool story about Redskins owner Dan Snyder and Washington, D.C. writer Dave McKenna, who wrote a humorous, but scathing piece on Snyder a few years ago that was followed by a lawsuit.

* Gawker published a letter from a future bride to her bridesmaids. She comes off as possibly the worst bride in the history of weddings, with ridiculous demands and outright threats. But an entertaining letter.

* New York Magazine puts together infographics explaining 10 classic 30 Rock jokes. Don’t worry, there’s also video of them at the bottom.


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