Wednesday night, at about 11:30 p.m., I noticed I suddenly had 80 unread messages in my email inbox. They were all mail delivery failure messages. I hadn’t sent any email in a few hours, much less 80 that failed to find a home. Turns out I’d been hacked or hijacked or whatever and a spammer had sent out a GREAT BUSINESS PROPOSAL to dozens of people in my contacts list. So disheartening, confusing. Hopefully the new password fixed things. If you received such a message, I apologize. But if you liked what you read and want to know more about THIS INSANE BUSINESS OFFER, please let me know. We could hit it big.

Anyway, this week’s links:

* The New York Times is doing an interesting series on data centers and the insane amounts of energy required to run them. It’s not something you think about at 11:30 at night as you’re dealing with a hacked email or while looking at 700 pictures on Facebook, but it’s a real issue. The stories have generated – if you will – controversy from technology folks who believe The Times isn’t with the times, and that the stories would have been more relevant six years ago. But as someone who wasn’t really aware of the issue – as is the case with so much technology – they opened my eyes a bit.

* Heart-warming story – or it is making a mockery of the game, take your pick – about former Chicago Cubs player Adam Greenberg, who was beaned on the first pitch he ever saw seven years ago. He never played again, done in by the after-effects of the concussion. But after a campaign by a filmmaker, the Marlins are going to give Greenberg one more at-bat, next week against the Mets.

* Here’s one of Grantland’s new 30 for 30 series, but a short one. It’s on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his life in Austria. Nearly all of the original 30 for 30 films were really good and they’re starting up again soon. Grantland will also be offering these shorter films.

* J.K. Rowling has a new book out. An adult book. A very adult book, apparently. It’s getting bad reviews, but I enjoyed this New York Magazine look at Times reviewer Michiko Kakutani and her love of the word limn.

* Chris Jones on Greg Schiano’s belief that kickoffs should be eliminated from football. That also brings us to the podcast of the week. ESPN The Podcast is an offshoot of – you guessed it – ESPN The Magazine. Hosted by editor Chad Millman, it’s sort of like a DVD extra to supplement the mag. For example, this week Jones came on to discuss his piece and to debate former NFL coach Herm Edwards on the topic. Previously, Wright Thompson gave insight into how his piece on Urban Meyer came to be. While it might be too Inside Baseball for the average fans, journalists should eat it up.

* Because we haven’t had a list for a while … Sports Illustrated has put out its second Twitter 100, a list of must-follows in the sports world. Incredibly, TVFury did not make the list. (That snub will be referenced during our Blog Hall of Fame induction speech in 2037.) But 100 others did. Some we’ve heard of an endorse, others seemed to be a bit of a reach. See for yourself.

  1. Lance Nelson says:

    I think it is a travesty you guys did not make the top 100. We need to get the word out and get you on that list next year!!!

  2. Jon says:

    I clicked on all the links in that email… are we saying that I should NOT have given that moose my credit card number?

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