Welcome to this week’s links.

* Joe Posnanski’s biography of Joe Paterno comes out next week and it’s certainly one of the more anticipated books of the year, although for reasons far beyond anything Posnanski could have imagined. His original book about the beloved coach became impossible after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Many people wonder how critical he will be about Paterno. In USA Today, Posnanski wrote about the challenge he faced.

* Crazy story about United “losing” a 10-year-old girl who flew to camp. Kinda makes you feel bad about complaining over lost luggage.

* Patrick Reusse wrote about the three Minnesota Lynx players who returned from the Olympics and are now prepared to chase a second straight title.

* Writers for The Simpsons picked their 10 favorite obscure characters on the classic show, and New York Magazine presents it in slide show fashion.

* What was TV reading this week? Hospital pamphlets. Over the course of three days, he suffered a weird allergic reaction, a skin infection on his face and lost consciousness at a football practice. Really. And now … he has to run a 5K in the mud in order to chronicle the experience for the Argus Leader. Here’s a background piece on the growing trend. This is shaping up to be plenty regrettable.

  1. Rich Jensen says:

    Don’t forget TV making what is undoubtedly the first Mitosis pun in the history of the Argus Leader sports section. Possibly in the history of all sports coverage.

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