The Tapes: June 1

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Hard to believe that June is already upon us. Remember to enjoy it, given that the Mayans – and recent events – seem to indicate this could be the last one before the end of the world.

Rapture or not, we at TVFury are bound and determined to bring you The Tapes, our weekly reader:

* There’s a fine line between venerable and venereal. That’s what we learned from the L.A. Times, which this week reported that the Coliseum, home to the USC football team, was used as the site of a porno film sometime around 2001. I’m not sure which is more amazing: That this happened or that it was kept under wraps for 10 years? Guess the flick didn’t get many views.
Countdown to the discovery that a former Trojans player made a cameo in 3, 2, 1 …

* In more news of the weird that’s sure to give birth to 1,000 follow-up stories, a naked guy ate the face of a then-living homeless guy in Miami. AND he may have been high on bath salts or acting out a voodoo curse.
Good grief. Think what might have happened if the so-called zombie had been in L.A. rather than Miami and in 2001 rather than 2012? It would be the greatest episode of Law & Order of all-time. In fact, it might be enough to inspire another spin-off: Law & Order: Desires of the flesh. Or something like that.

* Fury here. I’m only going to have links to one guy this week: Craig Stanke. Most sports fans haven’t heard of him but Stanke was something of a legend in the sports journalism world. Stanke was the Deputy Managing Editor at Before that he had worked as an editor at the LA Times and several Florida newspapers. He was an old-school newspaper man who became one of the top editors in the new journalism world. On Monday, he ran a 5k. He went to bed that night and never woke up. He was 56 years old. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin who still loved his Badgers, Stanke’s death brought out an outpouring of tributes from writers around the country.

CBS Sports’ Scott Miller wrote about his boss and friend.

TJ Simers of the LA Times — who’s known as one of the great curmudgeons in journalism – was best friends with Stanke and saw him in the days before his death. He wrote this piece.

Another columnist — Gregg Doyel – wrote this.

I didn’t know Stanke but I did get a chance to learn from his years of experience and picked up countless bits of wisdom from his online persona at, where he posted as SF_Express. We exchanged some private messages over the years on journalism topics but I never knew Stanke was SF_Express. What I did know was that as a poster he was perhaps the wisest voice on the entire board. You can read his posts here, and I know I’ll keep reading them as time goes on and will keep learning from him. You can also read more tributes on the board here and on his Facebook page.


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