The Tapes: May 18

Posted: May 18, 2012 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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Summer is officially underway at the SoDak branch of TVFury as school is out … just for the summer, Alice Cooper, not forever. Predictably, the number of weird police reports has spiked.

I witnessed a couple of skinny yahoos attempt to pull off the old “The Program” stunt where you lay down in the middle of a four-lane road. We breed geniuses by the bulk, in these parts.

And, now, in less dangerous news, The Tapes:

* There’s a new No. 1 on my list of best Justin Bieber stories. And, yes, that means I’ve read more than one meaning that I just might have Bieber fever. This one comes from Drew Magary, best known for his no-holds-barred work at Deadspin, and was published in GQ.
I’m not often a fan of celebrity pieces, especially those in which the writer interjects himself, but this one was wholly entertaining.

* Allow me to draw your attention to a pretty major and progressive project that is officially underway in Sioux Falls. Sanford Health, supposedly the largest rural, non-profit healthcare system in the country, broke ground this week on the Pentagon, a state-of-the-art facility at the center of a massive sports complex. The $19-million venue will hold nine basketball courts and aspires to become one of the premier training destinations in the country. The folks behind it have had meetings with David Stern and are modeling some elements after Tim Grover’s renowned complex in Chicago.
Their goal: To make it an offseason, training hideout for NBA players. Yes, in Sioux Falls. It’s going to be interesting to watch it progress.

* Fury here. Aside: What if the only NBA player who ever shows up to train at the Pentagon is Stiemsma? New York Magazine had its annual TV issue this week, but one of the other stories was on comedian Patrice O’Neal, who I was not that familiar with. But he was apparently the comedian’s comedian, and a guy other comedians were afraid of because his brutal honesty and devastating verbal attacks. O’Neal died last year after suffering a stroke.

* Charlie Pierce took on the high school team who forfeited a baseball game rather than play against a girl. I have a story about being run over by a girl while playing baseball when I was like six. (Note to self: Future TVFury blog post).

* For geeks and shut-ins: How to never lose at Battleship.


  1. Rich Jensen says:

    Naturally, I went straight to the Battleship strategy link, and discovered this unimaginable horror:


    And, no, that slideshow isn’t satire. It’s all too real.

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