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* A New Jersey woman was arrested for the burns her daughter suffered from tanning. That’s part of the story. The real story is the woman’s face.

* The most bizarre story of the week – okay, not the most bizarre, not with the tanning woman above – was the tale of an ESPN.com columnist who was apparently running a scam that would have made a group of Nigerian princes proud. Deadspin broke the story. The woman’s name was apparently Sarah Phillips but she might have simply been a puppet for a shadowy figure running the show. The pair kept getting people to hand over large sums of money to them, all because they thought an ESPN columnist was behind a new venture. And thought the person behind it was an attractive woman who loved sports gambling.

* The horrific Junior Seau story will receive a lot of attention in the coming months. Who knows if concussions played a role or if it was depression or money issues or family troubles or if he planned it for a long time or it was a spur of the second decision with eternal consequences. But of all the words that have already been written about it, and all the words that will be written, this short piece by Esquire’s Chris Jones was as powerful as anything you’ll read.

* ESPN’s Wright Thompson had a fascinating piece on a Texas high school basketball player who wasn’t what he appeared to be.

* You know that Christmas saying about Jesus being the reason for the season? Well, it turns out there’s more to Cinco de Mayo – which is on tap for Saturday – than most gringos realize. This blog explains the history of the event. And, no, it’s not Mexican Independence Day, either.

* And, finally, we’d like to congratulate Amar’e Stoudamire for edging out Rajon Rondo as the NBA Idiot of the Week. (Don’t ask us to explain the scoring system.)
Although there are plenty of good pieces about his run-in with a fire extinguisher, this weird video tops them all. Enjoy.

  1. Rich Jensen says:

    Oh wow. That woman looks like a Star Trek original series alien.

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