Aloha, amigos. Happy Friday the 13th from Hawaii to Mexico.

It’s time to watch The Tapes, our weekly recap. We promise they won’t be scary. What will they be? Historically, TV will run down talker-type stories, while Fury will honor quality writing. And, yes, one of those tendencies is better than the other.

Here goes:

* this week put out a list of the best and worst jobs to have in 2012. By their math, we wordsmiths are screwed. Great. That’s based on average income, work environment, stress, physical demands and hiring outlook.

To be honest, this isn’t breaking news. Seemingly everyone in the biz has been laid off, taken a furlough or had their pay reduced at some point in the last five years. Such is life. To me, the more complicated aspect is that the jobs remain in high demand. In other words, the threat of “we’ll just replace you with somebody else” is ever present. That seems especially true in sports given the seemingly fun nature of the job and the fact that a generation of kids have grown up watching SportsCenter, wanting to sit in that seat.

It’s gotten to the point where many of us are just happy to remain employed. That’s not ideal, but it’s not on par with mining coal, either.

* Being a journalist also isn’t as bad as being Bobby Petrino. At least, not right now. He got into a motorcycle wreck that cost him his job and maybe his family in light of details about an affair with an employee. When the story first broke, I tweeted that Arkansas couldn’t be surprised that things ended badly given his past (namely bailing on the Atlanta Falcons during the season.)
Well, it turns out the situation was still arguably worthwhile for the Hogs. A blog post on details that the football program made huge revenue during his tenure. Incredible.

* On a totally unrelated and self-promoting note, TV will be serving as emcee and celebrity judge at the Children’s Miracle Network Cake Show from 1-3 p.m. Saturday at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls. So if you’re in the area and looking for something to do … At the very least, it’s for a great cause. Plus, there’s a high likelihood of unintentional humor, starting with the fact that TV is feeling the urge to put the MC in emcee.

* Fury here. On the subject of stunning sports falls, Leigh Steinberg’s wasn’t as fast as Petrino’s but it was equally surprising, considering the guy was – sort of, kind of – the real-life inspiration for Jerry Maguire. Sports Illustrated caught up with the disgraced agent.

* For Terry, The Arrested Development movie will start shooting this summer.

* Interesting New York Times story about amputees who want to fight in mixed martial arts contests and the fighters who are somewhat leery of facing them.

* Mike Cranston was an AP writer in North Carolina until he abruptly quit his job and cut off contact from everyone who knew him. It turned out he was battling depression and was eventually suicidal. Cranston detailed his story for a Charlotte TV station and it’s powerful stuff.



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