Welcome to a Good Friday version of The Tapes. And now here are some links that have nothing to do with Easter.

* This week the National Magazine Award finalists were announced and Byliner.com put together the nominees and their stories. Here are the finalists in feature writing and here are the finalists in profile writing, which include a story by future Fury Files interviewee Chris Ballard.

* Here’s the strange story of a Moorhead woman who received a $12,000 tip as a waitress but then lost the cash as police believed it might be drug money. After the story became national news and people complained to the police – and wished death upon them, which is always a smart thing to do – the lady eventually got her money.

* Speaking of weird money stories, the tale of the Maryland woman who claims the winning Mega Millions ticket is hidden away in the McDonald’s where she worked continues to fascinate me.

* Dear Prudence: Why do you continue to publish obviously fake letters? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them and everything, but, still, why?

* The St. John’s football stadium – the Natural Bowl – now has lights. Odd. There are no plans for night games for the Johnnies, though there may be high school games played at Clemens Stadium and the lights allow for longer practices. Look out, Tommies.

* TV here. There was a time where I (sort of) wondered if the Natural Bowl was sponsored by Natural Ice. Sigh.

* Controversial piece in ESPN The Mag this week by Pulitzer Prize winner Don Van Natta Jr., about the ongoing saga at Penn State. Some have applauded the piece for exposing Gov. Thomas W. Corbett Jr., while others have said it’s too kind to the late Joe Paterno. Either way, it’s a fascinating read.

* And, finally, give the reading part of your brain a rest and enjoy this television story about TV’s family. Yes, it’s amazing to see how far his little one (born at just 24 weeks gestation) has come, but it’s still surreal to be a part of such a gut-wrenching reality.
Here’s the link: KELOLAND.com Video.


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