It’s been an exemplary week at TVFury in terms of traffic. If you’re reading this, you’re a part of that. So, thanks. Let’s keep the momentum going. Woo!

Sorry. Too many sugar-free Red Bulls again. Furlough did nothing to slow my caffeine intake.

And, now, The Tapes, our week in (other people’s) words:

* Proving that the power conferences don’t have a monopoly on scandals, the University of Montana canned its successful athletic director and football coach Thursday. The story is still playing itself out, but many are connecting the firings with a rash of sexual assault allegations against football players.
A couple outside thoughts on the matter: First, the Football Championship Subdivision programs in that (somewhat renegade) state have had questionable cultures for years. Lots of success and no shortage of legal issues. Something like this was bound to happen. Second, the more time I spend around FCS programs, the more uncertain I am about their cleanliness. Too many incidents involving too many high-level teams in the last few years to give anybody the benefit of the doubt.

* Disgraced. That’s one way to describe outgoing L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. Another? The most successful owner in baseball history. That’s what this piece asserts. His rate of return will come out to 26-percent per year. I realize this is just how business works sometimes, but, holy Moses, can’t he be arrested for grand larceny or something? It’s unconscionable to think that anybody – especially an already rich and poorly thought-of man – could turn this kind of profit for essentially being terrible at his job. The guy can’t even pick a decent hot dog, according to Adam Carolla. (Related note: TV is going to see Carolla do some standup Saturday in Lincoln, Neb. He’ll have a review next week. Yeah, he will.)

* Fury here. My chairmanship of the Tiger Woods Will Break Jack Nicklaus’ Record For Majors Fan Club had its best day in, um, four years last Sunday, when Hank Haney’s muse finally won a tournament. Who knows how the Masters will turn out – although it’s going to be incredibly fun to watch, even with Chris Berman broadcasting from Augusta – but in preparation, Michael Bamberger had a great piece on Tiger and Rory McIlroy in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

* The Star Tribune’s Amelia Rayno looks back at the Gophers after their close defeat in the NIT championship game. The verdict: There was improvement at the end of the year and things aren’t as disastrous as they looked Thursday night. Still, I’m glad I went to Tuesday’s semifinal game at Madison Square Garden and not the championship.



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