March 16: The Tapes

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Welcome to this week’s edition of The Tapes. Terry’s in Mexico – or the new version of it – and I’m back in NYC and we’re back with links.

* Thursday was the NBA trade deadline and the Lakers dealt one of the most popular players in team history, even if the guy was among the least-popular among many fans this season. Derek Fisher arrived in LA in 1996, with Kobe Bryant. He went away for a few seasons but has pretty much been a Laker for life. He lost a step or two or three this season and Bob Cousy might be able to score 15 on Fish at this point. But he was a tremendous leader and a steady force and still seemed to hit key shots at big moments. Bill Plaschke thinks the Lakers made a mistake.

* Brian Phillips of Grantland takes a look at “crazy” athletes.

* Speaking of Grantland, Jordan Conn wrote about his time with South Dakota State. Our dearly departed South Dakota State basketball team.

* Sid Hartman just celebrated his 93rd birthday. 93! Here’s a Pat Reusse column when Sid turned 80, which includes some classic anecdotes, including my favorite about former NY Times columnist Ira Berkow and a horse.

* TV here. Yes, I was in New Mexico, but now I’m in West Lafayette, Ind., or somewhere between the two. Why? Because South Dakota State – the school I cover for Argus Leader Media – has had a pretty solid year on the hardwood, qualifying for the Division I men’s and women’s tournaments. Click here if you have any interest in that or my chronicling of it.
I’ll fill you in more on the behind-the-scenes stuff from the experience. In the meantime, get your butt to the Big Dance if you’ve never been.


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