The Tapes: March 9 (South African version!)

Posted: March 9, 2012 by shawnfury in Uncategorized
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As I type this in Cape Town, our very own Terry Vandrovec is recuperating from the effects of working 122 out of a possible 126 hours. The man is a machine. He’s also been carrying TVFury following my escape from the States. If anyone deserves a raise, it’s this man. Unfortunately, the TVFury budget was blown on this trip to Cape Town so it’s not coming anytime soon. Still, management expresses its thanks.

Now, onto the links, with a special emphasis on stories involving South Africa. It’s a theme-type thing.

* Anyone who thinks American politics are occasionally insane is, well, correct. But in many ways politics in the States can’t compare to South African politics, which are dominated by a single party but remain volatile – obviously not surprising considering the country’s history. The most controversial person in the government has been a man named Julius Malema, who was the president of the African National Congress Youth League until being expelled from the party. Malema has garnered headlines – and worried many – with calls for taking back land from white farmers and he’s hugely popular with many in South Africa, which remains a country racked by extreme poverty and high unemployment. Here’s a BBC profile of Malema.

* Last week I wrote about how strange it was holding some South African newspapers, which remain at their original width, unlike American papers. Well, one of those papers – The Cape Argus – is going to a tabloid size this weekend. But the paper is also adding an extra edition.

* Some positive economic news for South Africa: Business confidence climbed at the start of the year.

* In the past few days, the country’s been rocked by protests over new toll roads.

* Here’s an LA Times piece on a South African taxi driver who suffered a bit of road rage, but did not get prosecuted.

* Cape Town has an ambitious plan to eliminate shacks and landfills by the year 2040.

* And finally, on a National Geographic blog, a woman relates all the reasons she loves Cape Town.



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