When Linsanity has taken over there’s no time to dawdle. To The Tapes:

* Here are several stories on Jeremy Lin, a point guard currently playing for the New York Knicks. Adrian Wojnarowski writes about how Lin made it to NYC, tracing his stops in Golden State and Houston. Pablo S. Torre wrote the Sports Illustrated cover story on the guard. Jinx! Canadians like basketball too. The National Post’s Bruce Arthur writes about a little magic. Bill Simmons weighs in with a mailbag. Also from Grantland, Jay Caspian King watches Lin destroy the Lakers. Sigh.

* The news website Minnpost.com got a makeover. It looks nice. Freshened up well.

* Sports Illustrated continues its run of amazing features – which includes last week’s article by future Fury Files interviewee Chris Ballard, on high school wrestling coach Mike Powell – with this piece by Thomas Lake. It’s about Wes Leonard, the Michigan high school star who died last year after hitting the winning shot.

* Patrick Reusse thinks the Twins will battle the White Sox – for last place.

* A New York apartment sold for $88 million. We thought about getting it; didn’t like the bathroom.

* Some upstart paper in New York took a road trip with the Butler basketball team, chronicling the struggles of a squad that’s been to consecutive national title games. The most amazing stat in the story: The school got an estimated $1 billion in exposure from its two tournament runs.

* No need to finish that World Beer Tour at your local Old Chicago: CNBC has saved you some time (and calories) by picking the 15 best brews in the world. It’s … a pretty good list? Let’s be honest: There’s no way for most of us to double check this. Well, unless we have access to Tyler Perry’s private jet in order to track down some of the global varieties. It reminds me of a running joke my friends had in college. We’d proclaim ourselves “No. 1-ranked” at something completely inane and/or impossible to measure. For example, this bullet item probably makes me No. 1-ranked at connecting fermented drinks to fresh corpses.
You’re right: Pretty stupid.

  1. shane gerlach says:

    The article about Powell touched me so deeply as I also suffer from an auto immune disease that has weakened me and changed my life completely…immediately after having our son and buying a house…
    I was crying as I read the story. This weeks story about Wes Leonard was absolutely heart wrenching. The end as they looked ahead to his best friends next year, intertwining that with his return to the court…that was smart writing.

    • shawnfury says:

      Shane, I’m having a Chris Ballard Q&A either sometime in the next few weeks but we didn’t touch on the Powell story much because he covered it so well in another interview with a writer named Brandon Sneed. They go into an in-depth discussion about the story but also Powell, you’ll definitely want to give it a read.


      You’re right about the Leonard story. The ending caught me by surprise, the way it was written and also the little details teased out about his friend (struggling with the football/basketball teams this year) and then bringing it back. Amazing story.

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