Welcome to this week’s edition of The Tapes. We here at TVFury wish you a very happy, blessed Super Bowl weekend. By the time you read this on Friday, the pregame show should be wrapping up its 5th hour. I’ll be spending part of Sunday at the airport, saying goodbye to my wife as she heads to Cape Town, where I’ll join her in three weeks. When I return home on Sunday afternoon I’ll watch the Super Bowl alone, in a dark room, surrounded by Domino’s chicken wings and bottle after bottle of Coke. It will be decadent.

On to the links:

* On Wednesday, David Letterman marked his 30th anniversary as a late-night host. New York Magazine prepared an awesome video slideshow, 30 clips of classic Letterman and man-on-the-street pieces. Click here to see them all. The Taco Bell one – when Dave manned a drive-thru – remains my personal favorite.

* For Grantland, former Jeopardy king Ken Jennings wrote about the best Super Bowls as far as trivia.

* Rob Lowe recently broke the news that Peyton Manning would retire. Well, that’s what he tweeted anyway, although it didn’t happen that day (but if it does, Lowe deserves full credit for the scoop). In ESPN the Magazine, Chris Jones reflected on a world where Rob Lowe sets the news agenda.

* Gophers athletic director Joel Maturi will retire and Patrick Reusse wrote about his legacy, which includes a lot of football losses and other disappointments.

* Wednesday was national signing day for college football programs, and TV did his part to help heap unrealistic expectations on 18-year-old kids. Actually, it can be sort of fun if handled as information rather than hype. That said … one kid chose Auburn over Clemson in part because the former has a Chik-fil-a on campus, while the latter does not.
Smartest. Kid. Ever. I mean, have you ever had Chik-fil-a? I think he should get some sort of academic scholarship in addition to the athletic one.

* “I wouldn’t say it’s out of control. But we’re very close to that.” So says the mayor Williston, N.D., a once-sleepy town in my home state that’s now being broadsided by mo’ money and mo’ problems than anyone could have imagined due to an oil boom. CNBC is the latest to update the situation. I’m fascinated by the situation after doing some reading and speaking to friends who have witnessed the crude insanity. It’s almost enough to make me schedule a trip home this summer. Almost.

  1. Jerry says:

    Coke??? What happened to the Dr Pepper?? So much for the endorsement deal….

    • shawnfury says:

      Dr Pepper’s like a rare commodity, like plutonium. Our vending machine no longer sells cans; it’s impossible to find 2-liters in the neighborhood. It’s a crisis. I will resort to Coke, Pepsi, Dew, at those times.

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