The Tapes: Nov. 18

Posted: November 18, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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The ever-erratic Tapes are back. Lately, they’ve been taking one, two weeks off at a time – that’s hard to do when you only have to show to work once a week. We’re not sure if they’ve slipped into diva mode or are developing a drinking problem.
Either way, we’re concerned. Might be time for a come-to-Jesus meeting.

* Is it weird to think that George Clooney seems like a pretty cool, smart and funny guy in a completely unironic way? Because I do. And this week, he gained more cred by going public with his latest younger lady de jour, Stacy Keibler. Little-known fact: I once worked out next to Ms. Keibler. She was in Fargo for a stop with the WWE, and wound up at my gym along with some male wrestlers. Don’t ask me their names.
Needless to say, they stood out from the crowd and made me – and probably others – start acting weird. I was suddenly more aware of the weight (or lack thereof) and reps I was doing. I found myself paying attention to where I went in the room, trying not to be too close or too far away from the Keibler and Co.
Why so self-conscious? I have no idea; it was totally nonsensical and indefensible. But it was interesting.

* Remember a while back when we featured Soulcrate Music on our podcast? Well, the Sioux Falls-based rap crew is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary with pair of shows at the Orpheum. Tickets go on sale today. At the very least, you should download a newly released remix, a collaboration with Seattle producer Budo. It’s free.
At this point, I’m planning on being there, although not without trepidation. I haven’t been to a rap show since seeing Snoop Dogg at the Fargo Civic Center circa 2001. Had a blast. And I genuinely dig Soulcrate. But I’m not sure if I’ll end up being the weird old guy at the show – and should I take my wife or go with some Guy Dudebro.
Looks like there is a theme developing today – I’m thinking way too much about outside perceptions. Good grief, man.
Related note, it’s weird and cool that rappers are in position to be around and relevant for a decades. Makes me think that those of us who enjoy the genre are likely to continue listening to it beyond our prime years. I wasn’t always sure about that, sort of wondering if I’d end up listening to Bobby Vee or something like my parents do, if everyone’s “oldies” would for some reason be the music from the 1950s.

* So the Green Bay Packers are 9-0 and have won 15 games in a row going back to last season after a 45-7 win over the rival Vikings on Monday. And what was the water cooler talk coming out of that lopsided contest? The man crush that the ESPN announcers have on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. There’s no question it gets old, and I sort of expected more from Jon Gruden given the acerbic style he displayed as NFL coach. When did Chucky get so soft? I’m not saying be mean or negative just for the sake of it, but how about at least being a little more critical or analytical instead of just lathering on the praise.
Also, it’s unfortunate that Rodgers has and will continue to face backlash from this. He has no control over what people say about him and, aside from that whole championship-belt celebration that inevitably rubs some folks the wrong way, seems to have handled the Brett Favre debacle and winning a Super Bowl about as well as possible.

  1. Shane says:

    Fact: Budo is amazing. If you haven’t then PLEASE do yourself a favor and check his work with Grieves. Just killer stuff and if you ever have the opportunity to see the duo live take advantage.

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