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We started TVFury in July, with a dream and $10 million in seed money. Since then we’ve written about New York City streetball, mushing, Book It, Aw, verr, the sexy homepage, The New Yorker Festival, New York City hurricanes and earthquakes, Dumb and Dumber, Wikipedia and more. We’ve had guest posts on Irish sports, Big Ten mascots, amateur baseball and more. We’ve had podcasts, some where you couldn’t hear either of us, some where you could hear both of us talking about the NBA, several with creative types and entrepreneuers.

Last week we celebrated our 100th post. The party was held in Manhattan, over Terry’s strong objections. He lobbied to hold the event at Fuddruckers in Sioux Falls and while I thought that would be a fine venue, I wasn’t sure if we could get the celebrities to attend. So we went with New York City. It took place in the Boom Boom Room. All the pretty people were there, and a surprising number of ugly people; our doormen failed. Still, we toasted with Yuengling and dined on goodies shipped over by Sioux Falls’ Queen City Bakery.

Well, that’s what we would have done. If we had $10 million. And if Terry could ever leave South Dakota.

Instead, we’ll commemorate by highlighting some of the ways people have found our little site in the past three months. These are some of the real searches folks use that have led them to TVFury. Some of them are questions, and we’ll answer those. Some searches are statements, and we’ll reply to those. We’ll also provide links to the relevant posts. These aren’t all of the searches, just some of the more popular  – or bizarre – ways people have stumbled upon our site. Searches below in bold.

* Is the movie Friday Night Lights alot like the book? I wrote about Buzz Bissinger’s classic nonfiction piece here. Yes, the movie’s similar. Same famous characters – Boobie Miles, coach Gaines, Chavez, etc. – and it explores some of the themes from the book. But there are differences: In the movie Permian loses in the state finals. The real team – in the book – lost in the semifinals. In the movie, Tug McGraw appears shirtless and shows off his hairy chest. In the book he does not.

*  Second string quarterback usually wears headset This is true. He also gets to give cool hand signals while secretly hoping for an injury – a minor one – to the starter.

* Old and sexy I have no idea which post contained those words. And I’m scared to Google it myself.

The Big Dog. Did not sleep with Sarah Palin.

* On September 16, in our weekly Tapes segment, Terry wrote of his befuddlement over the strange, yet entertaining, story that emerged from a book about Sarah Palin. According to the book, the former vice presidential candidate had a one-night stand with sharpshooter Glen Rice, when the former NBA star was playing college ball for Michigan and she was a sports anchor in Alaska. It feels weird even typing that sentence. This post has brought in perhaps more searches than any other post. But not necessarily from people looking for Glen Rice-Sarah Palin stories. Some of the searches:
“Glenn Robinson Sarah Palin”
“Glen Robinson Sarah Palin”
“Sarah Palin Glenn Robinson”
 “Glenn Robinson Sara Palin”
“Rumeal Robinson Palin”

And that’s just a sample of the number of times people have searched for Glenn Robinson and Sarah Palin, or a misspelled version of the pair. People did search for Rice and Palin – about five times. Robinson and Palin? Dozens. Poor Glen Rice. He’s finally back in the news and he’s overshadowed by another former Big Ten legend, Purdue’s Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson, who did not, as far anyone knows, sleep with Sarah Palin. Neither did former Michigan guard Rumeal Robinson. David Robinson? Probably not.

* Book It I had never heard of the Book It program, until Terry wrote about it in August. Guess I was too old for it, or our school was too small or cheap. We had a Bookmobile, but I would have loved Book It, which as Terry noted, his daughter did not.

* My fantasy football team is terrible. So is mine, my friend. So is mine. I have one win this year, although I haven’t checked this week’s results yet (I’m also apathetic, in addition to being terrible. The worst combination, for my team, and my league rivals). I wrote about my fantasy football ineptness here. Terry, a fantasy football virgin, wrote about his own experience here.

* Tom Landry drunk. Not sure which post popped up with that search. Perhaps the same one that involved “old and sexy.”

* Why pay for New York Times paper Well, it remains the best paper in the country. By far. It has unparalleled coverage on politics, great reporters, superb editors, in-depth features on the arts and sports and the best book review section anywhere. Also, paying for the paper helps pay the salaries of those folks. Yes, we’re all used to newspapers giving away their content for free. But fork over a few bucks for the Times (and your local paper). It is a business. Should the iPhone be free?

* Never marry an epileptic Huh. That search led to this post I wrote, about an old book about how to be a man – in 1886. The author, the famous and eccentric Dr. Kellogg, believed that epileptics should not marry, which I suppose means others shouldn’t marry them. He thought this would lead to “insane or epileptic children.” For the record, I believe this advice is now out of date.

Don't even want to know.

* Bubble gum porno  Okay. Specialized set of films. I’m assuming. And are the actors chewing gum or is it a prop?

* When did the NFL get boring? 2011 NFL is boring. Why is pro football so boring? Just want to highlight these, since one thing I’m always defending the NBA on is charges that it’s “boring.” (Admittedly, this season is sort of boring.) Many people think the country’s most popular sport is boring and, to answer the first question, believe it began to get that way this year. As I wrote, Sports Illustrated has, throughout its illustrious history, often thought that about the league.

* Speaking of the NFL, we get numerous searches every day for people wondering about Bill Belichick’s wardrobe. Terry wrote about the casual wear now popular with NFL coaches, a movement symbolized by Belichick’s hoodie:
Bill Belichick sack clothe
Bill Belichick hoodie
Belichick sleeves
Bill Belichick with stupid hoody

Bill Belichick wife (Belichick’s actually divorced, so there’s no one to nag him about his clothing choices)

* It’s 1 thing to lose to Concordia’s cobbers they’re just a bunch of good ol’ farm boys who love the option. Our longest search. That’s a line I had in my post about the struggles of the St. John’s football team. (Of our first 100 posts, 73 have centered around St. John’s football. Terry the Cobber is distressed.) But who searched for this, and why? Did someone think I plagiarized the line? Or maybe some college kid wrote that line in a paper – “Reasons St. John’s Football Team is Struggling: A Thesis” – and the professor wanted to see if the kid swiped anyone’s words. They Googled this particular phrase to see if it had been used before. It has been. Flunk the kid.

* I thought Yuengling was watered down. Terry wrote about the joys of Yuengling. Mmmm. From what I’ve read online, Yuengling is not watered down, but many beer lovers don’t enjoy the Light version because it is. It should be noted I know nothing about beer.

* Will Mike Grant eventually be the St. John’s coach? Probably not, though it’s still speculated on all the time. Grant – son of Bud, coach of the dominant Eden Prairie team – played on John Gagliardi’s 1976 national title team. He’s long been rumored to be a possible replacement, whenever Gagliardi does retire. But Grant’s now in his mid-50s. If Gagliardi coaches another 10 years, will SJU hire a 65-year-old coach? Other rumored candidates: Kurt Ramler, former Johnnie great who’s done a great job at Carleton. Assistant coaches Jim Gagliardi and Gary Fasching. Or maybe Glenn Caruso.

Kevin Durant dunks on Beasley. Yes he did. And I was fortunate enough to be there when it happened. Oh, and Michael Beasley shoved a dude in the face – mushed him, as it were.

* Looking for parakeet + South Dakota Admittedly, not an expert on this. But Mt. Rushmore Birds in Rapid City appears to offer a fine choice of parakeets – and cockatoos. The red-rumped parakeet goes for $125.

Tom Linnemann calling plays More St. John’s! We get numerous searches each week on former St. John’s quarterback Tom Linnemann, who participated in the first Fury Files. Yes, he called his own plays while at St. John’s. Said he was nobody’s robot. The Linnemann Q&A post contains our most heated exchange in the comments section, as someone who, well, was not a fan of SJU, called me out. To paraphrase Troy Aikman, I’m still not convinced that person wasn’t Terry.

* How to log into Fury Files No log-in required. Yet. It’s free and you don’t need a password to read them. There’s the Linnemann one above. John Millea. David Brauer. And Joe Posnanski. If this search was instead looking into some secret government files – or my own – then please move on.

KFGO email address Depends on what you’re looking for. To email general manager Nancy Odney, it’s To contact host Mike McFeely – our former co-worker at The Forum – it’s Be nice. If you email Mike, ask him about his score at Hazeltine in 2002.

* What did teens wear in the 80s? Well…

Teens in the 1980s. Wearing clothes.

* The Fury within first version I think it’s a video game. Kids? But it’s also a 1998 movie starring Ally Sheedy. It’s about a couple and their children who are “terrorized by paranormal events.”

* TVFury People have actually found our site by searching for us, compared to searching for bizarre adult film genres and Bill Belichick’s filthy sweatshirt. We thank those readers, and all our readers. Thanks for joining us these past three months and we hope you stick around. You’ll continue to find stories on New York City basketball and South Dakota bakeries and breweries.

And the occasional post on St. John’s football.

  1. Dan says:

    Can’t wait until the start finding you by searching, ‘Ask uncle T-bone.’

  2. Anonymous says:

    That was the best fake party ever. Maybe our best post ever, too. See why I enlisted Shawn for this project, folks? I needed someone to carry me.

  3. Mike says:

    To 100 more posts & Janesville did have Book It and Ribbet Readers.

    • shawnfury says:

      I was a Ribbit (or Ribbet?) Reader, but do not remember Book It. Looks like Pizza Hut started Book It in 1985, so could have come when I was in fifth grade. But fifth-grade also featured yo-yo training and first intro to sex ed, so perhaps Book It is lost in my memory banks.

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