Podcast: Queen City Bakery

Posted: October 20, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Podcasts
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Are you hungry? You will be after listening to this week’s podcast.

TV has been borderline obsessed with Queen City Bakery, a unique shop in downtown Sioux Falls, since his first visit this summer. Scones, quiche, brioche, cake – it’s all made fresh, from top-shelf ingredients (many of them either locally grown or ordered from far-away lands) and served up in a great building with a unique first-name-basis culture.

Co-owner Mitch Jackson sat down (between customers) with TV to talk about the story behind the restaurant, the decision not to advertise and the future of unique businesses in medium-sized markets.

We also talk food, of course. Jackson’s wife, Kristine Moberg, has a background as a celebrity baker in New York and has gotten love from the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart (pre-jail). Going to Queen City Bakery is like going on a food vacation without leaving Sioux Falls.

Here’s the link.

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