Time to watch The Tapes. We promise there will be no baseball-style celebrations. That reminds us – how is there not an unwritten rule prohibiting “beast mode” and “snake bite”? Come on, baseball. You can’t have stupid rules and stupid hand signals.

* Somebody threw a wiener at Tiger Woods this week. Why? Maybe because Tiger Woods has thrown his wiener at so many people. (Rim shot.)
Also, the guy missed so badly that it almost shouldn’t count. I just threw an apple core in the garbage at my home and it came just as close to hitting Eldrick.

* In other non-news news, my 10-year college reunion is this weekend. But this is not a way for me to squeeze in some Concordia talk on a St. John’s-dominated site. Rather, I won’t be there due to work commitments. And I’m a little bummed about about that.

The 10-year college reunion seems to come with far less trepidation than the 10-year high school reunion. My guess as to why: You were forced to attend a certain high school; you chose to attend a college. Also, you met college friends further along in life (read: more mature) and at a place that implies a certain level of conventional success. Plus, people drank a lot of beer so they’re more likely to forget if not forgive a good chunk of the stupid things that happened.

* I’m going to be honest – painfully and stupidly honest: I have no idea what this Occupy Wall Street movement is all about. Could I easily read a story – say, this one – and quickly figure it out? Sure. But I haven’t. It’s entirely possible that this says something about me. That I’m isolated. That I’m ignorant. That I’m lazy. Guilty on all accounts. However, I’d also like to think it says something about the state of things in America. That, for whatever reason, I’m disillusioned by a good chunk of what’s going on in the political world.

Then again, maybe I’m just lazy.

* Fury here. I’m still delighted by the collapse of the Red Sox. It’s my old small-market Minnesota roots mixing with my New Yorker blood. A piece in the Boston Globe this week generated a lot of news, as it dissected how the team fell apart, or at least offered up stunning, amusing, bizarre and controversial anecdotes that attempted to explain the whole fiasco. Fried chicken is involved. A lot of people criticized the piece for its use of anonymous sources and the shots at outgoing manager Terry Francona, who has his failing marriage and use of pain pills offered up as possible reasons the team crumbled.

On Grantland, Chris Jones and Jonah Keri debated the story. Also on Grantland, Michael Schur – of Parks and Recration and Fire Joe Morgan fame – offered his own take.

* I realize I’m one of 13 people who cares that the NBA canceled the first two weeks of the season and could eliminate many more by the time the lockout is finished, but for those who do care, this piece by ESPN’s Jeff MacGregor does a great job of taking apart the owners. Much of the public probably sides with the owners – greedy players, wanting all that money to play a kid’s game, etc., etc., – but remember: it’s not a strike; it’s a lockout. It’s the owners keeping the players out. Simplistic? Yeah. And mostly correct.

* If you’re into teams that beat St. John’s 63-7 in football – and if you are, please don’t speak to me – you’ll enjoy this Pioneer Press piece on St. Thomas coach Glenn Caruso, who’s done an amazing job in a short time. God that sentence killed me.

* New York Magazine wonders: Where are all the good young actors? I say: community theater.


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