The Tapes: Sept. 16

Posted: September 16, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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After a short hiatus, The Tapes – our version of the week in review – are back. Are they back with a vengeance? Probably not. They’re more introspective than that.

  • In maybe the weirdest story, well, ever, political lightning rod Sarah Palin reportedly had a one-night stand with former NBA player Glen Rice in 1987. Come again?
    There are two especially great yet hard-to-pinpoint aspects of this. First, that the straight-laced Palin was apparently down to “get it on” – as the Jersey Shore kids say – back in the day. Second, Rice would have been roughly 4,573rd on my list if forced to guess what former NBA player was involved with Palin. He’s just so nondescript despite being a pretty good player. For some reason, I would have guessed Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson or Michigan teammate Rumeal Robinson before Glen Rice.
  • The Atlantic is the latest publication to chronicle “The Shame of College Sports” with an in-depth piece. What makes this attempt different? For starters, it’s done by a non-sports entity. Secondly, that entity has a pretty decent reputation.
    It’ll be interesting to see if taking this sports story outside the sports world has any impact on the speed of reform.
  • Fury here. Speaking of Rumeal Robinson, the call that led to his winning free throws in the 1989 title game remains one of the most underrated worst calls in the history of basketball. It came in overtime against Seton Hall. Michigan trailed by 1.

    It comes at the 1:55 mark of this video.

    If this happened today, I think it would blow up the Internet. How do you make that call with three seconds left in a title game?

  • More Rice! In 2000, Rice played for the champion Lakers but he didn’t play as much as he’d like. And he really didn’t play enough for his wife’s liking. So she did what swimming parents have been doing for hundreds of years – she complained to the local newspaper. In this case the local paper was the L.A. Times and the writer was renowned columnist Bill Plaschke.
  • This item, as far as I know, has nothing to do with Glen Rice. I stumbled upon the site Tennis has a Steroid Problem a few weeks ago. It fascinates me, even though I’m not sure I would care, even if everyone in tennis was on the McGwire plan. I don’t know how accurate the claims are on the site. But it makes fairly compelling cases. And if nothing else, has some cool pictures. After reading the site, you won’t look at one of those five-hour, five-set marathons the same way.
  • The Onion – our greatest national treasure. Somewhere, Jay Mariotti weeps.
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