Is it Friday – and September – already? Man, time flies when you’re working, doing daddy daycare, reveling in the start of the football season and dodging deadly weather.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year that Mother Nature decides to smile on the good people of the Dakotas and skip right over fall and winter. Right. And maybe we’ll both get jobs at ESPN …

  • Speaking of the Worldwide Leader, they finally parted ways with longtime and lauded college football writer Bruce Feldman after initially denying that they had any issue with him and his involvement in the Mike Leach biography. The first thing he does upon securing employment with Go on the Dan Patrick Show to tell his side of the story.
    Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of Mr. Patrick. However, that might change if he spent more time doing interviews like this and less time sucking up to celebrities. (It should be pointed out that Mr. Patrick probably doesn’t like me, either.)
  • The recent rap binge continued this week with the purchase of the new Lil’ Wayne album. Frankly, it’s not great … even by Weezy’s standards. But what is great is the title: Tha Carter IV. Yes, he seems to be out of names. And, yes, that’s “tha” instead of “the.” If that misspelling gets enough play, might it eventually be more street (or is it streeter?) to spell “the” correctly?

Will the lack of Disney stars hurt DWTS?

  • The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced this week. My family started watching the show last season; our oldest daughter loves to dance and was hooked after one accidental viewing. Her favorite on the show: Chelsea Kane. Why? Because the Disney actress was the only familiar face. This time around, there are zero kid friendly contestants and one transgender entry. To be clear, ABC is well within its rights to tackle that issue in prime time, but I’m not sure I’m ready to explain the concept to a 7-year-old. (Does that make me a prude? It might. Sigh.)
    As a whole, this season seems geared more toward an adult audience than the last couple. It’ll be interesting to see how that impacts ratings – if at all. Methinks there might be more kids/tweens controlling the remotes than ABC realizes.
  • With the college football season starting this weekend, TV is back in the meat grinder. If you are at all curious about what he does on game day, check out his live game blog. It should get going around 5 p.m. CT Saturday. It might not be educational or entertaining, but it is free.
  • Fury here. Stop watching Dancing With the Stars. That advice goes to my father, too. The only problem with the show is – like oil – the world will eventually run out of C-list celebrities and retired athletes who maintain a certain level of agility. But yes, you’re a prude. Your daughter will be dancing up a storm when Chaz dances to “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” And then gets voted off the next night.
  • Headline of the week: “Man blames Steven Seagal for SWAT team raid that killed his puppy.” The man in the headline, Arizona resident Jesus Llovera, is suing because the actor – former actor? – was in a tank that cut down a fence that a SWAT team stormed through on an animal cruelty case that left 100 chickens dead  and led to the shooting of the man’s puppy. Got it? All of it was, of course, filmed for a reality show. How long before Seagal’s on Dancing With the Stars?
  • Slate’s Explainer column remains one of my favorite spots for providing answers to questions I never thought anyone would ask. Such as: If your limb gets trapped, how long should you wait before cutting it off?
  • My Johnnies card might be revoked for posting this, but here’s a nice story by Patrick Reusse on the Bethel football team and its outstanding coach, Steve Johnson. Good column. But the Johnnies will beat them this year.

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