The Tapes: Aug. 19

Posted: August 19, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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Uncle Luke got classier by comparison this week.

Let’s be serious: The shenanigans of the University of Miami football program stole the show this week in terms of sports headlines. Prostitution? A 5-foot-5 guy nicknamed Lil’ Luke? Teddy Dupay as a code word? That’s gold, Jerry, gold. Read it if you haven’t already.
We’ll have much more on that next week, including a podcast breakdown of the (largely excellent) reporting that went into the story.

In other news …

  • Gonorrhea is on the rise in South Dakota. Crickets. I know, right? It’s sort of surprising. It’s funny, but not really. In fact, not at all. Sigh. We’re sorry we brought it up, especially because it reminds us of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, God rest his soul.
  • According to report, Abercrombie & Fitch has offered to pay The Situation (of Jersey Shore fame) to NOT wear its clothes. Um, what? For starters, we need a name for this idea – how does undorsing sound? –  because I’m willing to do that with just about anything. To think that I could made money by not drinking Captain Morgan while not at Buffalo Wild Wings and not wearing anything from The Gap.
    Also, it’s utterly laughable that A&F – a brand I wore plenty during my MIAC days – is taking some sort of moral stand. This from the company that was turned down in its attempt to secure naming rights of a children’s hospital in Ohio due to racy catalogs featuring barely legal models. Sitch and Fitch belong together. They should get it in, if you will.
  • Fury here. Kobe Bryant made news for a couple of things this week. One, he allegedly, perhaps, injured a dude’s wrist in church after grabbing the guy’s cell phone, because he thought the man was taking pictures of him. As always with anything involving Kobe, details are murky, facts hazy, the truth…well, we’ll see. But the bigger story – at least from a basketball rube’s perspective – was his performance in the Drew League, where he hit a game-winning jumper while scoring 43. Lakers: 2012 champs. Or 2013, whenever they play again.

  • Speaking of streetball, here are the New York Post stories from last night’s championship game at Dyckman. The highlight? Last-second free throws for Team Nike to win it, and an assistant coach getting two technicals and pulling a Tanner from Bad News Bears and refusing to leave, only instead of running around the Astrodome, the guy didn’t leave the park for about 10 minutes.
  • Austin Powers 4 is apparently in the works. Terry tells me he’ll refuse to see the new Austin Powers unless Love Guru 2 is made.
  • ESPN’s Jeff MacGregor with a good story on heat-related deaths in high school football.
  • You’re sitting at home, clothed, or not, drinking, watching Ultimate Fighting or Little House on the Prairie reruns, and you’re wondering: Whatever happened to the Revenge of the Nerds cast? Thankfully, the New York Post has a 22-page slide presentation that answers the question. Booger? He’s the voice of Snot on American Dad. Talk about typecasting.
  • The Georgetown men’s basketball team went to China for an exhibition and an international incident broke out. And for anyone trying to paint this as an Ugly American incident, well, the Georgetown players really didn’t instigate anything.

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