Queen is king

Posted: August 4, 2011 by terryvandrovec in Uncategorized
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Twitter. That’s what led me to Queen City Bakery on the east side of downtown Sioux Falls. I’d seen just enough Tweets from friends, people I consider foodies to be compelled to check it out.

I wound up going two days in a row and sampled the following: a blueberry scone, brioche, a monster cookie, a gigantic croissant, a peanut butter square, a triple chocolate brownie, quiche and cheesecake plus a white mocha, hot chocolate, farm fresh milk and an iced coffee/espresso thing the affable owner calls “the best drink ever.”

He was right. Not only did it taste delicious, but I was jacked up for hours. It was like Red Bull and Monster had a baby in my blood system. (That sounds gross; it’s not.)

Full disclosure: I’m not a food expert in the technical sense nor am I a part of high society so I’m not going to wow you with knowledge or prose. But I love to eat (no matter what my frame says) and have traveled enough on other peoples’ dimes to have developed a respectable palette. (In other words, expect informal and unrequested restaurant recs from time to time.) And I can safely say Queen City Bakery is superb.

Without going into too much detail, the croissant was crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside, almost like a popover. No layers to be found here. The brioche looked something like a shrunken sweet roll without the frosting and had a creaminess that seems impossible without a pocket of filling. The hot chocolate was decadent yet wasn’t heavy in the least, like it had been injected with steam.

As if the food wasn’t enough, the place has a great back story, too. The owners are from South Dakota, but met in France. They moved here from New York roughly two years ago to open their own restaurant. The food is prepared fresh and the menu changes daily. They’re closed Tuesdays just because. They do not advertise aside from a simple Web site and some free social media. They have a great deconstructed, lofty sort of space and friendly dispositions.

Pretty sure it’s the best bakery I’ve ever visited. And it’s right here in Sioux Falls. I’d have driven past it if not for the GPS on my phone – it’s on the backside of a bar and just across from a makeshift church that seems to attract folks in dire straits. (A neon sign on the parking lot reads, “Jesus saves sinners.”)

The point is twofold: Check out Queen City Bakery sometime and keep your eyes peeled for local treasure, especially the baked kind.


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